Why Nike’s opening year Much attention?

Nike as one of the world giants sports brand, this time and you want to talk about “equality” word, not just in sports.

This 90-second new “equality” theme video conveys such information – hope that people around the world will be able to promote equality of movement and promote the movement without boundaries.

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Video, Nike’s spokesperson, such as we are familiar with LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant have portrait performances. In addition, the NFL New York giants outside the hand Victor Cruz, American gymnast, is also the first in the same Olympic Games at the same time get gymnastics individual and gymnastics group of African-American Gabby Douglas, the United States women’s national football midfielder Megan Rapinoe, 400 meters hurdles Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad also have his face.

The director is Melina Matsoukas, who has been filming the music MV “Just Dance”, actor Michael Bakari Jordan for the whole voice dubbing, and the background music is the United States Bruce Sister Alicia Keys singing “A Change Is Gonna Come” The singer himself also appeared in the video.

Black and white tones, epic style, ultra-luxury star lineup team, under the great effort of Nike, in this ad performance was serious and serious. Since the end of October last year that commercial piece “Come out of Nowhere”, the silence of Nike suddenly in the 59th Grammy Awards before the launch of a new advertising blockbuster, which in the end is to make trouble?

February is the United States “black history month”, and every year to this time, Nike have to do something, this year’s theme is “equal.” The meaning of advertising has gone beyond the “movement” itself, Nike want to use the power of the brand and the power of movement, called on people to “equality” action. Not only that, Nike in 2017, as a partner, generous donation of $ 5 million for the US community to implement the “equality” of the various organizations.

In addition to advertising large, Nike’s entire campaign will be through the social media to promote, and at the same time in the official website selling “black history month” series of sports shoes, and printed with “equality” words special section T-shirt.
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Finally, let us look at the Nike “equality” issued by the declaration, which is in the advertising video throughout the copy.

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Is this history promised our side of paradise?

Here, in these lines, on the cement court, on this turf.

Here is action that made you,

Not the appearance and the faith.

Equality should not have a line,

The links we find here should cross these boundaries.

Opportunities before everyone is equal,

Just like the ball will rebound for everyone.

Our value has nothing to do with the skin color,

If we can be here equal,

We can be equal in any place.

Equal unbounded